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When starting or running a business, it is important to protect it from potential legal pitfalls. We represent businesses in various transactional and litigation matters throughout New York City. Our firm has been providing cost-efficient solutions for clients and protecting their interests and bottom lines for many years.

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Our experienced New York City business lawyers assist individuals and businesses throughout the area in a wide variety of civil law matters. Our attorneys and paralegals represent small, mid-sized and large businesses, using our extensive resources and legal knowledge to achieve their business goals. Our services extend to business and commercial law, banking, real estate, bankruptcy, probate and estate planning.

We aggressively seek litigation solutions before going to trial, and we have extensive expertise in alternative dispute resolution strategies such as business mediation and arbitration. When it comes to structuring settlements, we look at the total picture including insurance, regulatory, and tax impacts, both in near term and into the future. Our main focus is to protect your business now and later. When a case does call for a trial, we bring years of courtroom experience as well as an impressive record of Business Litigation success.

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NYC Business Law Experts

Business Law Strategy & Counsel

When you need an experienced business law attorney to handle your transitional matters contact our business law attorneys. When you retain our New York City Law firm to assist you, you benefit from our approach to providing global Business Law services to our clients. We have wide range experience in all areas of Business Law, including commercial contracts, and business litigation. This allows us to provide our clients with practical counsel about the issues they face while minimizing collateral risks for their business.

Understanding the complicated nature of legal problems that businesses face today is just the starting point. As our client, you can trust that our expert Business Litigation Attorneys will handle the sensitive and critical aspects of your business litigation case with the utmost care and respect.

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Practical Legal Advice for Your Business

Let us act as your general corporate counsel regardless of the type or size of your business. We are experienced in the drafting, review, and negotiation of the various types of contracts and the diverse business relationships encountered in your everyday operations. We stay on top of the legal issues facing businesses so that we can help you innovate and refine your business to better adapt to the fluctuations in this sophisticated and ever-changing commercial environment. You can be sure we’ll help you to stay up to date on current trends in various areas of business law.

We understand that in a tough, competitive, global marketplace, timely and cost effective legal advice about business transactions and those taking place throughout the state and the world is important. Our business law firm in New York, NY stands ready to help you and your business tackle legal issues ranging from the common to the complex every step of the way. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality, personalized service that is unparalleled in the legal market.

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Our Business & Corporate Legal Services

Business Formation Attorney

One of the first major decisions you’ll make when starting a business concerns its legal structure. Our firm can help you assess which of the following entity types makes the most sense for you:


Limited liability partnerships (LLP)



Limited liability company (LLC)

While some of these options might seem self-explanatory, there are pros and cons associated with each, not the least of which are how they affect your tax liability and the safety of your personal assets.

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We know that as the correct formation of a business entity or trust is vital, so is the implementation and management of that entity. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure all of the “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” crossed. This may include regular corporate business filings, labor contracts, on- and off-shore banking, supplier and service agreements, creditor disagreements, distribution agreements, multi-round venture capital and more.

When your company needs to shrink or grow we are there with the tools and knowledge to protect you when you company needs to grow or change. We’re your go-to people for company purchasing, sale of your business, franchises, mergers and acquisitions, exit strategies, closures and bankruptcy.

If you’re forming or reforming your business and are seeking vital funds we are able and well connected to assist in the growth of your company and ideas. From writing business plan to arranging meetings with potential Venture Capitalists, to taking your company public, we’re there for you every step of the way.

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Business Contract Lawyer NYC

When two or more parties are mutually bound by the terms of a contract/agreement and one of the parties fails in its performance of the terms of that agreement, including by failing to perform their contractual promise(s), provides information informing the other party that they intend to not perform their duty, or is unable to perform their duty, as stated by the terms of the agreement, that party is in breach of contract.

Many Breach of Contract disputes can be settled without litigation by negotiation, mediation, or arbitration (referred to as Contract Dispute Resolution). Those cases that do not settle are left to contract litigation where a law suit is filed in civil court.

It is important that you contact us the moment that a breach has occurred as there may be certain duties that you must adhere to before the other party can be held for Breach of Contract.

Important: There may be certain methods and timing requirements pertaining to the notification by you to the breaching party that a breach has occurred. There may also be a contractual cure-period whereby the breaching party has a set contractual amount of time to cure the breach from the time that they are notified.

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